Buffkin/Baker’s Raj Das Featured in Media Village Article

newsBuffkin/Baker’s Raj Das Featured in Media Village Article

Buffkin/Baker’s Raj Das Featured in Media Village Article

Buffkin Baker’s Raj Das was featured in an article on Media Village. Raj’s excerpt is below. Click on the following link to read the entire article by Michael Farmer.

“When agencies transform,” stated Raj Das, Head of Digital at Buffkin Baker, “they need executive partners who understand the new requirements and challenges — and the difficulties that new executives may have integrating into an old, but changing culture. It’s not enough to find new executives who have certain skills and experience. It’s about thinking through what it will take to make them successful once they land in their new jobs.” To this end, Buffkin Baker spends as much time educating itself in the “transformation situation” as it does in conducting actual searches. “There’s a ‘before-and-after’ aspect in any of today’s complicated searches,” said Das. “We have to understand the transformation challenges as well as our clients. Since there are uncertainties in any transformation, this means assessing risks and making reasoned judgments in partnership with our clients.”