Your Trusted Partner for Your Senior Leadership Talent Needs

blogYour Trusted Partner for Your Senior Leadership Talent Needs

Your Trusted Partner for Your Senior Leadership Talent Needs

by Raj Das, Partner & Head of the Digital Practice

In January 2021, the unemployment rate stood at 6.3% overall in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The real rate in the hyper-growth areas of digital, data, analytics, and insights is probably close to zero in major cosmopolitan areas of the country. Through three industrial revolutions of the last 200 years, the average gap between breakthroughs was 25-40 years. Today we are lucky if the window is more than 25 months. Everything around us is getting disrupted in a record fashion.

From the dramatically changing habits and sentiments of millennials and Gen Z consumers to the fragmentation of media channels across both offline and online ecosystems ==> brands, agencies, and service providers are grappling with monumental transformations in how they operate in this brave new world. We are witnessing massive commoditization of everything around us that we have held so dear for so long: product, technology, brand, medium, and the list goes on.

The only thing that is super hard to commoditize is senior leadership talent: That special breed of visionary and experienced executives can help navigate an enterprise through hyper changes. This is why I left a long career in investment banking, corporate, management consulting, and early-stage entrepreneurial investments to assist today’s organizations to find star senior leaders who can help with the transformation.  My partners and I have spent our careers spanning over two decades being on the other side of the table. We understand the critical pain points plaguing the progress of the world’s iconic brands, agencies, and service providers. What we are finding is that senior leadership talent in the high-demand areas of digital, big data, AI, machine learning, analytics, and insights is getting horizontalized It’s all coming down to a keen understanding of and expertise in functional capabilities required to navigate the world of new consumer audiences, business requirements, and media channels. Companies that are doing “more of the same” by bringing leaders from their peer group in the same vertical are distancing themselves from the innovation and ingenuity required to position themselves from being disrupted by new entrants.

My background is ideally suited to be your trusted partner in the new senior leadership talent journey. Whether you are a public board member, CEO, or Private Equity and Venture Capital Partner, you can benefit from our rigorous pursuit to find you the transformational leaders who can scale and grow your businesses profitably. Our passion is real, our great slates of senior talents across all major practices (Healthcare, Higher Education, Digital, Private Equity, Media/Entertainment, and Non-Profit) are unmatched, and our determination to make you successful is absolute.

Here are the highlights of what I have achieved in my operating career before starting in the retained executive search practice:

  • Leadership: Advisor to boards and leadership teams, President of Stanford class, Mentor to Stanford Ignite, and Ivy Exec entrepreneur teams
  • Strategy: Management consulting and merchant banking practice advising and funding over 50 retained companies in Digital Media
  • Operations: Head of Strategy and Corporate Development at Public Company, responsible for over 3,000 employees globally in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific
  • Valuation and Transaction: CFO at Large Public Company and over a dozen years of investment banking experience executing over $20 billion of transactions

Talent Consulting: Owner of transformative retained executive search practice

Human capital can make or break your organization in today’s chaotic world. Let’s start a dialogue sooner than later so you don’t lose any market momentum. My old boss frequently reminded me of the pitfalls of “paralysis by analysis.” Lest your organization start faltering through indecisive attitudes, we invite you to start a dialogue. Let’s get you ready for a highly prosperous 2021 as your strategic trusted partner!